Start selecting your valves early in the design process! Valves play a critical role in the cost, efficiency, and safety of any piping system, and choosing the right valves can be just as critical as selecting your pipe and fitting materials. Our experienced team can help you make the right selection for your project and get your valve decisions made early to complete your piping system design.

Plug Valves


Let our experts help you choose the right actuated valves for your process application. Valve actuation is the use of a mechanical device to open, close or throttle a valve. This can be achieved by the use of either an electric or pneumatic actuator. We’ve worked extensively with all types of actuators, and we not only help you make the right choice, we also use industry best practices to calibrate and test each valve before it leaves our automation center. Every valve receives a serialized stainless steel tag that is kept at Process Supply to allow for full traceability.

Process Supply Actuators