Steam & Fluid Specialty Products

Process Supply connects you to a full selection of products designed to control and manage steam and condensate in the processing industry, including products designed to help drain liquids from gases and vent gases from liquids. Pressure and temperature control products, condensate pumps, strainers, isolation valves, and purgers to keep your systems working effectively and efficiently.

Our well-respected partners in this field include:

Armstrong International

Armstrong has been supplying steam and condensate solutions for over 50 years. They specialize in everything from steam traps, steam tables, steam calculators and steam valves, to condensate pumps, PRVs, control valves, air vents and more.

*Additional suppliers available upon request, contact us.

Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco helps companies reduce energy costs and create a safer working environment by providing expert advice on the right steam trap for every steam application. They offer a wide range of steam traps to meet every need.

*Additional suppliers available upon request, contact us.


Watson-McDaniel manufactures time-tested products designed to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness for steam, compressed air, heat transfer, and fluid systems.

*Additional suppliers available upon request, contact us.