Process Supply can be your one stop shop for all of your rebuild needs. Through vendor partners and our over 30 years of industrial experience, Process Supply can help you decrease down time, offer cost effective solutions and help you solve those hard-to-fix problems.

Engineered Products - Viking Gear Pump Before/After


Whether you’re looking for a direct lift, displacement or gravity pump, Process Supply has what you need. We have over 35 years of experience in the industrial pump market, and we provide top-quality products that save you money and deliver on time. We inventory a wide range of products and represent many suppliers to help you with your pump needs. We can be your one stop shop for new or rebuilt pumps as well as new non-OEM parts.

Process Pump


Is your pump leaking, misaligned, or loud with excess vibration? Let Process Supply help you with your pump accessory needs. We offer AES sealing solutions that can prevent liquids or gases from escaping into the environment. If your pump has misalignment issues, or you are tired of difficult coupling replacements, we represent ATRA-FLEX Coupling, which offers a low-cost solution to your coupling needs. We also offer a full line of flex connectors and expansion joint solutions to help you with your noise, vibration, or misalignment issues.



The gear box is a mechanical method of transferring energy from one device to another and is used to increase torque while reducing speed. If you need help with your power transmission system, let the experts at Process Supply provide a cost-effective solution. We can help you with new or rebuilt solutions for all your gear box needs.

Sumitomo Gear Box


Consider natural ventilation to create a cooler and more comfortable building with no operating costs or energy consumption. Natural ventilation is the evacuation of hot air and fumes directly through an opening in the ceiling. The opening is covered by a weatherproof ventilator, and air-flow is supported by fresh intake air at the floor level. We have several ventilator varieties and can help you select the best fit for your space.

Moffitt Natural Ventilation


At Process Supply, we take workplace safety very seriously. Whether you are providing personal safety gear or equipment protection, Process Supply offers many products to help you keep a safe working environment.

Bradley Enclosed Outdoor Safety Shower