Engineered 3-Way for Cooling Tower Project

Case Study: Critical Cooling Tower Application

Modulating Control, Fail Freeze 3-Way Valve Results Single Process Signal Fail Freeze Temperature Control On Time & Under Budget Estimated Savings of $25,000 Application 14” Single Process Cooling Water Line Request was for a three way plug valve Customer Glass Plant in Tennessee Challenge To work with plant engineers to design a 14” three way,…

Sumitomo Gear Boxes

Case Study: Sumitomo Gear Box, Dual Orientation Solution

Parallel Gear Box Redesign for Ball Mill Application Results Dual Orientation Engineered Solution Reduced Customer’s Stores Inventory by two SKU’s Estimated Savings $65,000 Application Ball Mill Customer Mining Challenge Our customer has a ball mill application that caused them to stock multiple Gear Boxes due to varying equipment orientations within the facility. Solution Process Supply…

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