Custom Pump Packager

Case Study: Custom Pump Packager

Solving Supply Chain Issues with Locally Engineered Pump Solutions The Challenge A local silica manufacturing facility was having issues with their pump packager, with a ball mill bearing cooling system, which they use to pump organic food-grade oil. Due to supply chain issues, this customer was having difficulty procuring a replacement OEM part from Italy.…

Direct Drive

Case Study: Screw Conveyor Drive Replacement

A Direct Drive Solution for Premature Failure and Overloading The Challenge A food grade salt manufacturer utilizes a screw conveyor drive to move finished product to the packaging area. However, they have been encountering several issues with the drive: oil was leaking into product, the drive’s belts were prematurely failing and breaking, and the screw…

Potato Chip Waste Conveyor

Case Study: Potato Chip Conveyor

 Improving Lead Times with a Custom Fabrication The Challenge A potato chip manufacturer in Tennessee recycles their potato chip waste into an additional revenue stream, however, they were encountering long lead times and high costs to fabricate their potato chip waste conveyor systems. Process Supply was challenged to build and engineer a brand-new conveying system…


Case Study: Salt Drying Heat Exchanger

 Improving Heat Exchanger Lead Time and Life Span The Challange A salt manufacturer in Virginia needed to significantly reduce the 36 week lead time of their heat exchanger fabrication. These heat exchangers are located within the manufacturer’s dryer columns and serve as the primary drying process for their salt. Consisting of eight coils, these heat…

Engineered 3-Way for Cooling Tower Project

Case Study: Critical Cooling Tower Application

Modulating Control, Fail Freeze 3-Way Valve Results Single Process Signal Fail Freeze Temperature Control On Time & Under Budget Estimated Savings of $25,000 Application 14” Single Process Cooling Water Line Request was for a three way plug valve Customer Glass Plant in Tennessee Challenge To work with plant engineers to design a 14” three way,…

Sumitomo Gear Boxes

Case Study: Sumitomo Gear Box, Dual Orientation Solution

Parallel Gear Box Redesign for Ball Mill Application Results Dual Orientation Engineered Solution Reduced Customer’s Stores Inventory by two SKU’s Estimated Savings $65,000 Application Ball Mill Customer Mining Challenge Our customer has a ball mill application that caused them to stock multiple Gear Boxes due to varying equipment orientations within the facility. Solution Process Supply…

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